Home Additions 101

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Making changes to your home is a great way to give it more character and make it feel like an even better place for family, friends, and guests. Adding on or renovating parts of your house can seem daunting when you start to consider all the details that have to be thought through. We’ll explore topics such as costs associated with additions, benefits of making the change, where to find necessary materials, what tools will be needed, possible design options – and much much more. Keep reading to learn more about home additions for your London, Ontario property.

Consider the different types of home additions

Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, & more!

Home AdditionsAdding new physical space to a home can provide much-needed relief for growing families looking for extra room. From adding another bedroom for a growing child, to expanding the kitchen and dining area for family dinners, or possibly even a bathroom addition to alleviate morning traffic – there are endless possibilities. Depending on the size and nature of the home, owners have quite an array of different additions to consider – garages, decks, sunrooms, etc. With just a bit of planning and a solid strategy, adding these practical improvements to your home can deliver amazing results with ample useable space.

Research local building codes and regulations for home additions in your area

Home additions can offer a great way to add living space, create a custom office, open up your kitchen, or whatever you need. However, before beginning any project it’s important to research local building codes and regulations in your area. These regulations are designed to ensure that construction projects meet minimum standards for safety and property values. It is also important to be aware of any zoning laws that may affect the size or other specifications of your home addition. Working with experienced professionals and doing thorough research into local building codes, zoning laws, and construction standards can help make sure that all of the additional work is done correctly and according to regulations in your area.

Prepare a budget for the project

Preparing a budget and researching the best prices on materials and labor is key to completing any project in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Shopping around and comparing different prices will ensure that both time and money are used wisely. When submitting quotes, make sure to provide potential vendors with all the necessary details of the project so they can accurately quote their services, as well as any materials needed. Additionally, budgeting for contingencies can help save money if something unexpected arises during the course of the project. With a little bit of effort and care, it is possible to stick to your budget while still ensuring a successful project.

Is it worth it to add on to your house?

Home RenovationsAdding on to your house can be a major undertaking, but it can also prove to be well worth the effort. Not only will you gain more living space and a sense of pride in completing such a large project, but depending on the scope of the addition, it could add significant value to your home.

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